Thursday, May 26, 2011

Another year has passed?

Another year has passed and I'm just getting around to updating my blog. I'm going to try to back date some of the many events that have happened.

Bret and Taylor both headed out to Utah to attend school this past fall. Bret went to the University of Utah and Taylor attended Brigham Young University.
We all went out as a family last July 2010 and moved the boys out there. Megan, Bret and I drove Bret's car through Atlanta (stayed with Rusti for a few days) then on to Bear Lake (stayed and hung out with Mary and Mike and the rest of the Holje clan)for a few days, then finally on to Salt Lake City. Taylor and Steve flew out there and met us. We had a great trip and really enjoyed all of the time we spent with loved ones on the way.

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