Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wow! Where does the time go??

This is my new baby niece Aspen Holje. Isn't she gorgeous?

It is hard to believe it has been close to two months since I have been on here. Since I last posted I have spent 3 weeks in Utah and had my sister Mary and her family here for 8 days. It has been busy but so fun! enter the second semester stretch here is what is going on in the Short house. Both of my boys are currently un-attached. That's the first time that has happened in 2.5 years! Bret is working full time at the Tampa General and going to school full time. He is cutting back his hours starting next week. It is just way too hard! Taylor continues to challenge himself academically and athletically. Megan is dancing and in a play called "The little Princess". We are all busy with life. We are in the middle of having our pool refurbished and that "3 week project" has now stretched into it's third month. We are also refinancing our house. I can hardly believe interest rates are down in the 4's! Never thought I would see the day that happened. Life is good and we are all enjoying it.