Tuesday, June 8, 2010


This is the last week of school! YAY! It has been such a busy month for the Short family. Taylor had so many awards ceremonies to go to before graduation night that he didn't even want to go to graduation. He was just so ready for it all to be over!
I am so proud of that boy though! He is just such a great kid. His graduation was Friday June 4th, 2010 and the next day he and some friends were headed to the lake to Jet Ski. He was at a stop light and the light turned green. He pushed on the gas to go BUT the new driver in front of him didn't! He ran into her car! He was so upset! The nice policeman that came to the accident didn't give him any kind of ticket! He went to get an estimate today and they said it would cost $970.00 for Taylor's truck. It was a good learning experience for him. I couldn't help but think back to when he first got his learners permit. One time he was waiting to make a turn and the car in front of him was taking too long and he was too close. I told him to be patient and he said "Can't I just bump him out of the way"? Well I guess he learned that you can't just bump anyone out of the way!

The boys are in the final count down for leaving for Utah. They are both really excited and nervous to go. I am dreading that flight home after leaving them there.
It's going to be awful quiet around here!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's tourist season at the Short Resort!

Yesterday my baby sister Mary left to return home after a 6 day visit with us. It is really quiet at my house today without her sweet little 17 month old baby girl here. She is the most adorable little girl ever! She wears these little shoes that squeak when she walks. It makes it really easy to find her when you are home or out in public. She loved to go "SHWIMMING" and she would yell for Megan, Tay, Bet or Aunt ELNEN constantly. Today My Dad and Grace are coming to visit for a week. Megan loves when they come because she loves to play card games and they will sit and play cards with her for hours! Taylor will recieve his Eagle Scout award this Saturday. I am so proud of him! Bret is taking his last final today and he will officially have his Associates Degree. He is transferring to the University of Utah to finish up his bachelors degree in Mass Communication. He is still hoping to be a famous movie star but just in case that doesn't happen he will have his degree to fall back on. Taylor got accepted at BYU Provo and will attend there for two semesters then serve a mission. It will be really hard to have both of my boys leave at the same time but I'm excited for both of them and their new adventures! Megan will miss them terribly and I'm already prepared for her to declare that she is moving to Utah too.

The next couple of months will be extremely busy and full of tears as Taylor Graduates and both boys move on. We will spend several weeks this summer in Utah before we settle in to our new routines without the boys. Less laundry and less events to attend.... no extra drivers to take Meg to dance class and young womans,or run to the store for a missing ingredient needed for dinner.....lots of adjustments!

I'm pretty sure it is going to be a very difficult year!